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How to Promote Mobile Application

With millions of mobile application on the App Store, getting your app found and let alone downloaded is very difficult. Unfortunately, most of the developer face same issues. They’ve got their dream mobile application, but when it comes to sales/downloads it doesn’t move forward. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, be ready with your mobile application promotion plan before it goes live.

Pre-launch Promotion: Start building buzz about your mobile application before it launches by releasing press notes, blogging on various sites who write about things related to your mobile application and target audience. This will help you to create pre-launch hype about your mobile application. On the first day of launch, you might be lucky to get few downloads as you’re been listed under “New” category. But from second day, your app will no longer be on the front page; hence be prepared for other app promotion plans. As per stats, you need about 2,500 daily downloads to feature withing the top 100 popular iPhone apps.

Lite or Demo Version: If you are planning to sell your mobile application, then you may need to consider releasing it as a free or ‘Lite’ version of the paid app. As per research, people are more likely to buy an app if they have had a chance to try it for free initially. You may also go with In-App payment mechanism to make money within free apps. This will help you to charge for additional content in an app. If you got a Mobile game, let users play one or two levels for free but to progress further, they will have to download the app to unlock other levels.

In-App Advertising: It works! Tried and tested by lots of applications and been one of the most popular way of get your app noticed. Try to find out games/apps that your target audience are using. Connect with those developers and advertisers. Ask them to promote your app. You will definitely get people directed to your link which will lead you to more downloads. It could be feature ads running either while loading app or exit screen or integrated within app as banner or any other way. Here, money is split between technology provider and content/app owner.

Reviews: A great review on major technology related blog may create huge buzz around people. Use a conversational style, get right to the point and include a promotional code. For example like Gizmodo, that get more than 3 million pageviews per day, it can easily help you to cross few thousands downloads.

Social Media Marketing: If you got a Mobile Game, let user share their activities, score and bonus points on respective social media. Make it easy for them to share with their friends and invite and join them. It will not only help you in reaching multiple people at one go, but it will also help you get social recommendation from friends they trust. Think about same how your app can incorporate social media and build similar kind of functionality into your app. At a minimum, set up a fan page of your app on Facebook & Twitter and use them as a platform to connect and communicate with your users and get instant feedback.

Plan for Newer Versions: Don’t give everything in one single release at first go. This will not help you create long-term engagement. Try giving small things at some point of time. It will not only help you update your app on regular basis but also insist user to get back to your app frequently for latest updates. Make your dream list for the app and make sure that the app is designed to incorporate all of the features at some time in near future. Periodically updating your app will boost app store sales.

Timing is Everything: Best time to launch your app is weekend, from Friday afternoon. So better start your app releasing in the middle or beginning of the week and get ready for mega promotion!

Creating New Target Audience: Think beyond your existing features and users while upgrading the app’s function. If application OS is upgraded, try to find out how can you better leverage it with more exciting functions. It will be a long-time continuity process, once you jump into it, you will also start coming up with new idea and features.

That’s it! Trust this will help you explore various options to promote your dream mobile app. Do also find out What Users want from Mobile App. Questions? Comments? Looking for someone to help you with Mobile Apps Development & Mobile Apps Testing? Drop me a line at harshalkharod [at] gmail [dot] com or simply Tweet me at @ConnectHarshal


  1. Lisa Vinton
    August 27, 2011 at 6:54 pm (970 days ago)

    Great advice and ideas! Thank you!

    • Harshal Kharod
      August 29, 2011 at 11:12 am (968 days ago)

      Thank you Lisa! Trust this will help you in launching future apps :)